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eSIM Kit

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An embedded SIM (eSIM) lets you connect to a wireless network. It’s just like a physical SIM card, but a digital eSIM is built into your phone. With an eSIM, you don’t have to insert that small chip into your phone. And it’s more secure – someone can’t remove the physical SIM card if your phone is lost or stolen. In just a few simple steps, you are ready to make calls, send messages, and browse the web.
Some phones are dual compatible – they use both a physical SIM card and an eSIM, so you can have two wireless accounts with talk, text, and data all on one device. Some devices can even have multiple eSIMs on the same device and use two phone numbers at the same time.

3 reviews for eSIM Kit

  1. Mark Evens

    Fast and Painless

  2. Ben Lussem

    Esim option was quick and easy! Beats having to wait for Sims cards.

  3. Allie Augusta

    Actually was easy to do

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