About US

Clarity Wireless was founded in 2020. Put simply, Clarity Wireless lives where you live. We are part of the community. We’re your neighbors shopping at the same stores, cheering on the same teams, supporting the same charities – and we couldn’t be prouder to call Southeast Texas our home. We live here and use our services too, so we have to get it right. We believe in investing in more than a communication infrastructure. We know people make a real impact in our communities, At Clarity Wireless you’ll find a hard-working and motivated team! We’re a wireless family with 20 plus years of wireless experience. We are proud of our journey and success which has been etched by hard work, determination, and perseverance. Our CEO still remembers what it was like to serve on the sales floor and “keep the back of the house as clean as the front” while making sure to greet every customer with a smile. The only thing separating us from the big networks is how much every single customer means to us. Clarity Wireless mission is to become a company that empowers its employees and treats customers as the number one priority. As we provide our customers with the best possible customer service experience. Wireless services can be complicated, and technology is constantly changing. It helps to have someone whom you can trust to provide support and connect you with the devices and products that are best for you.  We connect our customers with two of the largest 5G networks in America. We strive to bring people together through technology and work towards great accessibility today and every day. 


We treat our customers the way we'd want to be treated with transparency, honesty, and integrity. We don’t try to fool you with deceptive offers and gimmicks. We want to earn your business and your loyalty for years to come. We care about you! You aren’t just another number, you are our neighbors. We support the local communities we serve and put our time and money right back into the local economy. To remember that you have the freedom of choice, to use any carrier you wish, and therefore to act and live as a member of your community, rather than just a carrier. To act bold and take a stand, always, as a company, a community partner, a service provider, and an advocate for you, in ways that put you first.