Clarity Privacy shield

Stop scam with scam likely protection.

Stop Robocalls with Clarity Privacy Shield

Scam Likely Protection

We update our database EVERY. SIX. MINUTES. By the time you’ve watched a few TikToks, we’ve refreshed all of our data with the most accurate information to ensure you’re protected against scammers, spammers, and fraudulent callers.

Visual Voicemail**

Clarity Privacy Shield provides in-app Visual Voicemail. Easily Play/Pause, Share, Search, and receive additional caller information on new voicemails - right inside of the app.

 Block By Category

Block telemarketers, account services, shady politicians - even your ex. Prevent Callers from Leaving Voicemails** - Block calls and prevent new voicemails, or block calls and send them straight to voicemail. Your phone, your choice.

Protect Privacy

Your contact list? Not our business. We only use your contacts to help your incoming call experience - your contacts stay where they belong, on your phone

 Enhanced Caller ID**

 Never wonder who’s calling again! We’ll identify incoming calls with a Name, Category, even an Enhanced Image and Logo when available.

Reverse Number Lookup

Lookup any number. Go ahead, try it. Clarity Privacy Shield will display the owner of the number and an associated call category, if available.

Report Callers

File a report against abusive callers directly from the app! We’ll send those reports to the FTC, and they’ll put them on a bad guys list.


Custom Call Blocking

Add any number to your blocklist. Seriously, any of them.